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Interprofessional team
Older Adults
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The Health Binder is a comprehensive toolkit to enhance communications between seniors and healthcare team during medical appointments, hospitalizations and return home.  Originally used by the Visiting Neighbor health advocate and medical appointment escort volunteers.  

The binder includes:

  • Two Emergency Medical Cards. One to be hung up on refrigerator and one to be kept in wallet.
  • A Medical Information section including a form to help keep track of medical information, both past and present.
  • A Medication section including forms to assist in keeping track of medications and tips for using medications safely.
  • A Doctors’ Appointments section with information to assist in preparing for the appointment, forms to keep track of new information obtained during the appointment, information on patient rights, and tips for talking with the doctor.
  • A Hospitalization section including a form for listing items needed in case of an overnight medical stay, information on preparing for a hospital stay and a discharge checklist.
  • A Wellness section including fun daily goals and ways to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.
Author: Andrea Garcia, Jennifer Mavretich, and Ashley McAdams,