Course Description: 

The "Delirium: A Patient and Family Centered Care Approach" course consists of two modules:

  • Delirium Overview, Assessment, and Intervention: An Inter Professional Delirium Protocol across Health Care Transitions
  • The Patient and Family Centered Care Approach to Delirium: Tips for practitioners to help families manage patients with delirium across health care transitions

These modules describe the care environment, precipitating factors leading to delirium, and interventions to promote early diagnosis and resolution of delirium in acute care and in transitions to other settings through interprofessional team and family centered approaches.

Course Learning Objectives: 

After completing these modules you will be able to:

  • State the five core values/ concepts of patient and family-centered care
  • Describe the benefits of a patient-and family centered care approach to delirium
  • Prepare family members by providing them with tips and strategies for the prevention of delirium
Author: Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, NYU College of Nursing,