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The following listing includes live and recorded webinars developed by the Hartford Institute in collaboration with the NGNA, the Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice Initiative (OHNEP) and the NICHE Program.  Please visit this page for updated content.

Health Literacy and Older Adults (ARCHIVED)

Limited health literacy has been linked to increased health disparities, poor health outcomes, increased use of health care services, and several health care safety issues, including medical and medication errors.

HIV: An Evolving & Aging Epidemic (ARCHIVED)

This webinar will discuss the HIV burden, including incidence, prevalence, and cost, for older adults living with HIV/AIDS in the United States.

Injury Fall Risk Reduction: Best Practices with Older Adults (ARCHIVED)

Falls are a nursing sensitive quality indicator and nursing staff have the greatest impact to improve outcomes.

Mistreatment Detection and Older Adults (ARCHIVED)

This webinar will discuss the different types of elder mistreatment, the strategies for detection of elder mistreatment and the role of nurses in reporting and managing cases of suspected mistreatment.

Non-pharmacological Alzheimer’s Care: Preventing Challenging Behaviors (ARCHIVED)

Many behaviors of older adults who have Alzheimer’s disease provide challenges for caregivers. Knowing what to expect and what to do to prevent or manage specific behaviors increases satisfaction of caregivers and care recipients.