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The following listing includes live and recorded webinars developed by the Hartford Institute in collaboration with the NGNA, the Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice Initiative (OHNEP) and the NICHE Program.  Please visit this page for updated content.

Spirituality, Spiritual Well-being and Aging (ARCHIVED)

This webinar will educate and equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to provide holistic care to older adults; discuss how individuals have integrated physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions; and prepare you to recogni

Substance Misuse in Older Adults; Prevelence, Screening and Brief Intervention (ARCHIVED)

This webinar will discuss assessment of hte older adults and how it compares to those of other populations along hte life span.

The Patient-and Family-Centered Care Approach to Delirium (ARCHIVED)

The prevalence of of delirium and dementia among persons discharged from acute care ranges from 4% - 27%. This is associated with increased:

Tools and Resources for Assessing Cognitive Impairment: Practice & Research (ARCHIVED)

Assessment of memory changes with age - the NIA just released a detailed list of instruments to detect cognitive impairment in older adults. It is a list of 100 published instruments with references, cost, time involved, etc.

Transitions of Care and the Older Adult (ARCHIVED)

This webinar explores the impact of transitions in care on older adults’ health and well-being. Recognition of care transitions and factors that contribute to negative and positive outcomes in older adults will be discussed.