GITT 2.0- What it offers

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The GITT 2.0 toolkit offers a template and resources that can be adapted by any organization across the healthcare continuum interested in enhancing interprofessional education surrounding quality initiatives. The general and example-specific guidelines and resources provided to you are based upon real-world experiences, which occurred in the test implementation of GITT 2.0 at the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing as part of a 3-year HRSA grant (HRSA grant #UD7HP26049), and consisted of a partnership with a nurse practitioner master’s program, a social work master’s program, a college of pharmacy doctoral program and a community based home care organization with the corresponding professionals in that organization. As you explore the toolkit and resources, please keep in mind the adaptive nature of this program and how the toolkit can be modified to fit your organization and quality initiative.

Introduction to GITT 2.0

What GITT 2.0 Offers

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