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How to Try This

The How To Try This series, a John A. Hartford Foundation-funded project provided to the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing at New York University's College of Nursing in collaboration with the American Journal of Nursing, translates the evidence-based geriatric assessment tools in the Try This assessment series into cost-free, web-based resources including demonstration videos, and a corresponding print series featured in the AJN, developed to build geriatric assessment skills - the foundation for appropriate care of older adults.

GNEC Gerontological Nursing Podcasts

Care of older adults is, and will continue to be, the "core business" of healthcare institutions. These podcasts have been developed in collaboration between UNCW School of Nursing, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), the John A. Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, and New York University College of Nursing. The Geriatric Nursing Education Consortium (GNEC) are modules developed for baccalaureate nursing students in an effort to prepare nurses to meet the complex and challenging needs of this population. The GNEC modules are based on the AACNs Older Adults: Recommended Baccalaureate Competencies and Curricular Guidelines for Geriatric Nursing Care.

The Inside Scoop Healthcare Series

The Inside Scoop: Healthcare Series is a monthly television series produced by Fairfax Public Access, hosted by Melissa Batchelor-Murphy, PhD, RN-BC, FNP-BC who developed the original GNEC modules into podcasts in 2010. The focus of these television broadcasts are to discuss issues related to aging, healthcare, and health policy for Aging Americans and their caregivers. Each show topic has 4 13-minutes segments, with an accompanying blog to link viewers to resources, and can easily be added to interdisciplinary courses as a cost-free, web-based resource for students, patients, and family caregivers.